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  1. Looking for 5kw solar system

  2. Hi. Does your product make it possible to get off the grid completely? Are your batteries powerful enough to store power for use after sundown?

    1. Hi Denyse, we do not recommend going off the grid completely because it would mean having a 2nd battery with enough capacity to run your home for a number of days, say for example in the middle of winter when there is a week of wet weather. It makes a lot more sense to use the grid as a backup and to have a daily cycle battery to cover most of your power consumption most of the time. For more information and pricing, please call the Solaray Team on 1300 221 586.

  3. Please I want to buy a reliable system that can be installed in Africa with 365 days of sunlight. I want this to be comppletely off grid.

  4. Please state your warentee on the Enphase.
    Please also state why only such a such a short time.
    Many thanks, Len

  5. How far away from my house can i set up solar panels

    1. There isn’t really a limit, however, you will need to think about the cable run. You may need to dig a trench before the day of installation. Where are you planning on installing the panels?

  6. Great article. Solar power energy technology is constantly improving, with more efficient materials being used as well.

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