The Best Value Solar Power System for a Sydney Home

Solar Power Systems in Sydney, NSW are at some of the cheapest prices in Australia, and this article takes a look at how to maximise the benefit of a residential solar power system in Sydney.

The Best Value Solar Power System in Sydney, NSW

Over the past few years, the price of a fully installed solar power system has come down dramatically thanks to government incentives and the substantial growth of the industry, both here in Australia and overseas in countries such as China, India and Germany.

However, recently we have seen a number of new regulations brought in by the energy distributors Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy that has made the purchase of a larger residential system confusing.

For many households in Sydney, quarterly power bills are now up over $800, making the investment of a solar power system an attractive proposition. But how do you get around the regulation that you must have three phase power in order to install a system larger than 4.99kWs?

Maximising Your Return on Investment (R.O.I) – Solar Power Sydney

For houses with single phase power in Sydney, we are not permitted to install a single phase inverter that is 5kW or larger. This includes the Aurora PVI 5000 and the SMA Sunny Boy 5000. We are also not allowed to install a 5kW array of solar panels, so for most households, a 19-panel array will be the perfect fit.

Out of the main European Manufacturers, SMA has a 4kW Sunny Boy inverter, and Aurora (now ABB), have a 4.2kW PVI inverter. But here is the trick – the Aurora has a maximum AC output of 4.6kWs, plus it is a dual input inverter, which means it can handle two strings of panels. A 4.75kW solar system will almost never be producing more than 4.6kWs because it will only be at maximum output at the right time of the day and at the right time of the year based on the angle of the panels and the orientation of the array.

For example, a 4.75kW system that I keep an eye on in Sydney’s inner west has a maximum output of only 4.4kWs, however in September (well before the big summer months), it is consistently outputting 25kW/h a day. That is way above the average given to us by the Clean Energy Council. And if you were wondering, yes, they are the Q Cell Q.Pro G3 255W panels, the best performing panel on the Australian market… more on that here.

What if you have three phase power?

Firstly, and most importantly, a single phase inverter works perfectly well on a three phase supply. We have never installed a three-phase inverter smaller than 5kWs in size, and we are not planning to, it is a complete waste of money because the three phase digital meter that we install reconciles the three phases, essentially doing the job of a three-phase inverter.

If you want to install a system larger than 4.75kWs, and you have three phase power, we strongly suggest you look at a 6kW or 7kW system. That way you will generate enough solar power to justify your investment in a three-phase inverter, which costs at least $1000 more than a single phase inverter.

How to get a return on your money in less than 3 years

The maths you have all been waiting for:

A 4.75kW system in Sydney, with 19 x 250W panels facing north with no shade will output approximately 18.5kW/h a day (averaged out across the year and from my experience a conservative figure).

If you pay a flat rate for your power, the average cost of electricity in Sydney is approximately 26 cents a kW/h.

If you are on time-of-use billing then solar power will save you on average around 30 cents a kW/h. It can actually save you more than this if you have some panels facing west of north that is generating power during the peak billing period of 2 pm to 8 pm, when you are paying around 50 cents a kW/h – ouch!

Assuming you are on time-of-use billing, a 4.75kW can save you up to about $2025 every year. Critically, as mentioned above, the benefit of solar power is to use solar power in the home as it is being generated.

With prices now under $6,000 for a good quality 4.75kW system using a European Made inverter from ABB Aurora, and panels from one of the top handful of manufacturers were are able to install a system that can pay for itself in under 3 years!

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