How Long Do Solar Panels Last – The Importance of Choosing Solar Panels

Solar power has become so affordable that a top-quality solar power system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years, saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your power bills over the life of the system. With fantastic government rebates available and reduced prices on new high-efficiency panels, now is a great time to be installing a solar power system.

But not all solar panels are the same, so it is important to understand the dangers associated with cheap solar systems.

In fact, there are very few reliable brands that produce top quality solar panels for Australian Households. The market was awash with cheap solar panels up until just a few years ago, and reputable installers were screaming from the rooftops urging people to avoid the cheaper solar systems because of the risks associated with a larger number of the Chinese manufacturers. As expected, most of them have now disappeared:

For the many thousands of Aussie households that ended up compromising on quality for a cheaper price, they now own a solar system with no warranty support, what LG Solar refers to as an orphan solar system.

Orphan Solar Systems

Buying a solar system is a long-term investment that needs ongoing support (especially when customers have been sold sub-standard products). The lifespan of a quality solar panel is at least 25-years. The problem is, the average lifespan of companies manufacturing and installing solar is far shorter.

ASIC lists a truly breathtaking 650 Australian solar companies that have closed, gone into liquidation/administration or similarly left the market since 2011.

Why do so many companies bow out of the industry? Evidence from around the solar industry suggests it’s because these companies are selling cheap systems like these:

When a solar manufacturer goes out of business, often the installer is left responsible for the warranty claims. If the product is unreliable, this can be a death sentence to the installer as it becomes too expensive to service all of the faulty systems.

When this happens, the solar systems are ‘orphaned’. LG estimates that an incredible 1 in 3 solar systems in Australia has no support from the company that installed it.

At Solaray we believe in the quality of our products. Not only do we offer full support to fix any issues our customers have, but with new technology from Enphase, our service team monitors every system we install, plus we get back-to-base status alerts so our team knows when anything goes wrong with any one of the panels we have installed.

Which Solar Panels Last The Longest?

LG is a world leader in solar panel manufacturing with over 20 years of experience. The latest NeON solar panel is packed with the latest technology, giving system owners access to improvements that really matter, from longer warranties and higher efficiency to stronger framing and increased wind loading. But perhaps most importantly, the panels are built to last much longer than the standard cheap panel mass-produced in China.

Choosing a top of the range panel such as the LG NeON is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, backup support and warranties. This high quality is the result of LG Solar’s strong commitment to developing a module that delivers reliable, high output for decades.

Very few panels of this quality are available for residential installations, making LG Solar Solaray’s stand out choice as the leading brand at the top end of the market. LG Solar offers full warranty support and have local representation, and all LG systems installed by Solaray include our Platinum Service Package, which includes full replacement warranties and technical support.

The best news of all is the price – NeON panels are extremely well priced for such a quality panel. LG Solar are striving for industry-leading efficiency, but critically they incorporate this new technology into their production line to ensure all customers have access to the best technology available. It’s not much use if a company releases a high-efficiency panel (with a lot of publicity) but only makes 1000 of them and/or charges an absolute fortune for them.

LG Solar was ranked as the number 1 panel in Australia by Choice Magazine in an independent test by CSIRO. They ranked number 1 for real-world output and the only panel to achieve an ‘excellent performance’ rating.

Cheap Solar Doesn't Last

The Industry-Changing 25 Year Product Warranty from LG Solar

Most solar panels come with a 25-year power output guarantee but only a 10-year product warranty. LG is now offering a full 25-year product warranty on the NeON panel range, plus a power output guarantee of 90.6%, compared to the industry standard 80%.

For more information and pricing on a good quality solar system, request a call from the Solaray Team today:

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