The Key Elements of a Solar System


The key elements of a solar system. Well, there’s a few really obvious ones, right?

So the first one is the panels. That’s what everyone sees. It’s an important part and you must choose the right panel but it is only a small part. So you have the panels which produce DC power.

You have inverters, which convert the DC power to AC power. That’s the next big component.

Then you have everything else that goes behind it which is the mounting rails and everything that’s included with that, the cabling, the switches, the circuit breakers and so on and so forth.

So that’s what we call Balance Of System or BOS and it is very important not only that the components are done properly but that it’s all selected and installed correctly.

Then you have the next major component which is installation and there’s a lot more to installation than just physically going and installing it on the roof, wiring it up and hoping it works.

Do you want to know what makes a good installation? Pete Thorne talks you through the complete process here.

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