The Q Cells Q.Pro G4 is a Game Changer

Q-Cells-panel-290x295Q Cells, the leading solar manufacturer in Europe, have recently released their new Q.Pro G4.1 265W panel in Australia. It is the result of the continued evolution of the award-winning Q.Pro range of panels that consistently ranks as the best polycrystalline panel globally.

The Q Cells Q.Pro G4 265W module now ranks as our Number One panel for residential installations.

Photon Test Winner

The Q.Pro range has ranked as the number one polycrystalline panel in the Photon Module Yield Tests two years running. With 174 of the top solar panels tested, this result is an incredible achievement for a panel that is readily available for residential installations.

Proven to Perform in Australian Conditions

6kW QCells Enphase Castle HillIt’s one thing for a panel to perform well in controlled conditions, but in Australia, solar panels have to withstand a harsh and hot summer – conditions far beyond the moderate climate of Germany. Q Cells panels have once again proven to be the top performer, ranking as the Number One panel for two years running at the Alice Springs Desert Knowledge Solar Centre. The G4 265W module has an impressive temperature coefficient of -0.41%/K, which means the panels will output more power on a warm day compared to cheaper modules made in China. It is this tangible increase in solar output that makes a premium panel like the Q Cells Q.Pro the preferred option to perform in real-world conditions.

The Q.Pro panel is certified fully resistant to level 5 salt fog, making Q Cells panels the best option for marine and coastal installations.

Q Cells panels are built to last decades thanks to Anti-PID Technology1, Hot-Spot-Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.

Innovative all-weather technology

Sydney is known for its long sunny days over summer, but the truth is that Sydney only gets around 100 days of perfectly clear skies each year. This makes it imperative that a solar system performs well in overcast and hazy conditions. Q Cells panels deliver optimum yields whatever the weather, with excellent low-light and temperature behaviour. With over 100 patents on solar power technology, Q Cells panels are able to deliver more power to further reduce your power bills.

Safe and Reliable

Q Cells offer an industry-leading 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance guarantee, offering you a reliable investment. Combine your array with Enphase Microinverters, and you will minimise downtime in the event of a service call (find out more here). The new G4 265W Q.Pro panel ensures protection against short circuits and thermally induced power losses due to a breathable junction box and welded cables.


Unbeatable Value

Solaray is currently offering Q Cells packages at record low prices. The price gap between these top of the range modules and the better Chinese brands continues to narrow, making our Q.Pro systems the most popular option available. With a potential return on your money now possible in less than three years, there is no need to sacrifice on quality.Submit an online quote request today, or contact The Solaray Team on 1300 221 586 for more information. As the leading Q Cells installer in Sydney, we can offer you the right advice, unbeatable pricing and a professional installation by accredited installers.


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