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Solaray are Sydney’s Largest and Most Experienced Enphase Installer

Trina Enphase 5kW Sale – Sydney’s Best Prices plus free monitoring

Solaray is the most experienced Enphase installer in Australia, and we are now the largest installer of Enphase Systems in NSW. Our competitive pricing is supported by the most experienced Enphase Technical Team in the industry, to ensure you get the right advice, system design and technical support.

Enphase systems are now right across Sydney. Solaray is proud to be playing a major role in the uptake of Solar Power in Sydney.


Enphase Micro Inverters are the next big breakthrough for residential solar systems.

Micro Inverter technology allows each panel in a solar system to work independently from the other panels, ensuring maximum output of clean renewable energy for your household or business. Micro Inverters help avoid common roadblocks that stop a solar installation on many houses such as patchy shade and small roof areas.

An Enphase Micro Inverter system uses a small DC to AC inverter under each panel. This means that each panel’s performance does not affect any other panel’s performance –  this is of particular use when there are shade issues, or when you need to face panels in two or more directions.

How much extra energy does an Enphase System produce?

The answer to this depends on the site, the panels and the solar system design. In many cases where there is patchy shade on a roof, a micro inverter system will outperform a string inverter by over 25% in yield, making it a far superior option compared to the most advanced string inverters on the market.

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