The 415W Trina Solar Vertex S+ Module

Not all solar panels are created equal. Trina Solar has progressed from the extremely popular Trina Honey range to the Trina Vertex range, featuring a 415W residential solar panel.

Trina Solar panels are Australia’s best value solar module with good looks, high performance, and a 25-year product warranty.

Trina Vertex 415W Solar Panels – Is This The Best Value Solar Panel In Australia?

The advancement of solar panel efficiency has been one of the driving forces behind the growth in solar, and Trina Solar is leading the way with the new Vertex range hitting the Australian market.

These are standard 60-cell solar panels that have been cut in half with a laser, so they have double the number of cells; 120 rather than the usual 60.

The increased number of cells coupled with their wiring allows them to maintain the same voltage but deliver more power.

Split cell solar panels have a host of advantages that include increased reliability, efficiency, output, and even some built-in shade resistance. One of the companies at the forefront of this revolution is Trina Solar.

Trina Solar

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world. Currently, they operate in 60 countries around the globe and have some of the most robust finances in the industry. As a Tier 1 manufacturer, they have exceptional stability, and their products are a reliable long-term investment for your home.

Trina Solar previously broke the solar efficiency record seven times in a single year to add to their tally of 20 solar efficiency world records.

This has allowed them to set a variety of quality and efficiency benchmarks for the industry to follow. In 2018, they also delivered an incredible 40 GW of solar capacity worldwide.

They currently have more than 1,300 patents filed, which illustrates this company-wide focus on innovation. Trina Solar also has an in-house testing regime that goes far beyond the requirements for certification.

This has resulted in a very reliable product that we have experienced first-hand having installed tens of thousands of Trina Solar panels across Australia, with only a handful of warranty claims in over 10 years.

  • Ideal High-Efficiency Solutions for your Needs – 120 cell module maximises limited space with a 21.4% module efficiency.
  • Through a 30-year linear power warranty, Trina guarantees panel output will not decrease by more than 1% in the first year and the output will be 87.4% of the original after 30 years. Plus you get a 25-year Product warranty.

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The 415W Trina Solar Vertex S+ Panel

Now with a 25-year product warranty, the 415W Trina Vertex S+ solar panel is one of the most dependable panels on the market, featuring the new split-cell technology that is now taking over the solar industry.

As there are more cells to disperse the heat, the panels rarely suffer from damaging hot spots like traditional panels. Over the lifetime of your system, this saves you money and improves your energy yields.

If anything were to go wrong, Trina Solar provides a 25-year Product Workmanship Warranty and a 30 year Linear Performance Warranty, giving Solaray customers the peace of mind that comes with a top-quality solar system. The linear performance guarantee offers more value throughout the lifetime of the installation.

The technology used in the Trina Vertex panel reduces the conduction length by over 50%. Shorter distances mean the panel wastes less energy when generating power. The current is halved on each cell, so there is less heat produced and less energy lost.

Trina Solar has modified the design of its module to include ultra-thin busbars, which are almost invisible to the naked eye. As well as making panels more visually appealing on your roof, it also maximizes the surface area where light can hit the cell.

For homeowners, the 214 W/m2 of power density means you can make the most of limited space on your roof with increased efficiency and performance.

With weather being so unpredictable in many parts of Australia, choosing a reliable solar panel that works in low light is essential. The Trina Vertex panel is certified to withstand an array of adverse weather conditions, including salt mist corrosion and blowing sand.

Overall, Trina has an exceptional track record and has led advancements in solar technology for a long time. This new 415W module is setting a new standard in Australia for high performance at a great price point.

The technical highlights of this high-performance panel include:

  • Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings due to cutting edge technologies including advanced surface texturing, back surface field & selective emitter
  • Trina Vertex panels have a guaranteed power tolerance of +5W, meaning that the module will be rated up to 5W higher than the panel’s 415W rating. It is important to note that this additional output is only of benefit if you install a system with panel-level output such as an Enphase Microinverter Solution.
  • Trina Vertex modules are highly reliable due to stringent quality control including over 30 in-house tests (UV, TC, HF, and many more). In-house testing goes well beyond certification requirements.

Power Bill

Chart of Solary power bill savings
The Solaray Difference’Cheap Solar’All Solaray SystemsSolaray Smart Solar
Decades of reduced power billsUnsureYesYes
Most efficient solar panelsNoYesYes
Full-service warrantiesNoYesYes
Free technical supportNoYesYes
Whole of system warrantyNoYesYes
Free online monitoringNoYesYes
Back to base status alertsNoYesYes
Easily expandableNoNoYes
Work with partially shaded sitesNoNoYes
Panel-level system outputNoNoYes

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