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trina-solar-email-imageTrina Solar is now the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world, and has been voted the best panel for the Australian Solar Market*.

Solaray are one of the largest installers of Trina Honey panels, and our technicians are Trina Solar experts. If you are interested in installing one of the best value panels available in Australia, give our solar team a call and we can explain the benefits of the Trina Honey module, and help you design a solar system to suit your requirements.

Trina is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels and is the largest vertically integrated one – meaning they manufacture all the key components from ingots to completed modules.

Trina not only perform large scale solar Research and Development around the world, they also have teams of scientists working on energy efficient product research in many of the globes leading universities – including the Australian National University and the University of Queensland.

Recently, the Trina Solar Panels were selected from amongst the top solar brands for Australia’s largest rooftop installation – 1.22MW of power which is 5,004 panels – for the University of Queensland. This facility not only provides a significant proportion of the campus’ power, but is also used as a testing ground for ongoing research.

Trina products are positioned to be at the premium end of available Chinese panels – meaning they are close to the best quality of all the Chinese manufacturers, backed by strong Research & Development and with a local presence.

Trina Solar is a leading global provider of solar solutions and has installed over 7.4 GW worldwide. Trina solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and the products have proven themselves on the field and in third party testing against other leading manufacturers. Through the 25 year linear power warranty, Trina guarantee panel output will not decrease by more than 2.5% the first year and 0.7% for each year thereafter and guarantees at least 90% performance by year 10.

See more at: Trina Solar Warranty.