Urgent Breaking News: Federal Government advised to end Solar Rebates ‘Immediately’.

The review into the Renewable Energy Target has been released this afternoon, with the panel recommending the immediate end to current Residential Solar Power Rebates.

The panel recommended the closure of the small-scale RET supporting rooftop solar, or SRES, “immediately or, perhaps to not undermine built-up industry capacity that will be needed in the future, phase it out by 2020 instead of 2030”.

To read the full report click here:

RET Review Report: Australian Federal Government

Time is now short as we await further news from how the Federal Government will implement these recommendations. A signed order form will lock in your STC rebate to ensure you don’t miss out. Solar power may not be this cheap for many years.

More information will be released over the next few days as it comes to us.

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