What’s a good investment when moving home?

You’ve found a new home, congratulations! 

It’s so exciting to think about all the ways you will be relaxing and enjoying the freedoms associated with a new home. Whether it’s your first home or your fifth, you’ve got design and decorating ideas, parties to plan, and a life to be lived. You know you’ve made a great investment and you are ready to reap the rewards!

As this new reality really starts to set in, you may realise that there’s more to be done before you can dig into the fun part of having a new place. Some practical decisions need to be made in order to make the best use of the place you will soon be calling home. Even after the big-money purchase is made, you still need to consider utilities and amenities such as energy and phone/internet bills which, once connected, make life so much more convenient and enjoyable. It may not be the thrilling design decisions you were hoping for – wall colour, furniture placement, and where to hang your team flag – but the longer you wait to make the tedious choices, the longer it will be before you can live, worry-free, in your new home. 

Invest In Cheap And Reliable Energy

When thinking – or fretting- about what your energy bills might look like in your new home, it’s important to remember that the status quo isn’t always your only option and is often not the most ideal option either. I’m sure you’ve noticed in your day-to-day adventures, a change to some of your neighbours’ rooftops. These smart investors, much like yourself with the purchase of your new abode, have made the choice to install Solaray solar panels in order to produce their own electricity, directly reducing their power bills.

These solar panels take the sun’s light and turn it into usable energy to power your home which can lower, or even eliminate the need to buy electricity from the power grid. Installing solar power as soon as you move into your new home can help you reduce one of the larger utility bills down to a much more manageable payment. How does under $100 a quarter sound?

Solaray is an Australia-based company that cares for its own by providing low hassle installations of high quality, reliable solar systems that you can count on. Their team of installers is highly trained and accredited by the Clean Energy Council that will help to take care of your power bills in the long run. Even though you’re probably not thinking about selling your new home anytime soon, it’s important to note that adding solar panels will increase your home’s value, which will give you a sense of satisfaction that you’ve already added value to your home and community.  

Consider Your Internet Provider Wisely

Once you have your energy bills taken care of, you can focus on setting up your broadband plans and phone services. When choosing your provider, it’s always reassuring to know that they are local and that they genuinely care. MATE, as the name suggests, acts like a good friend in supporting your internet and phone needs.

Don’t you hate it when you call your provider for technical help, and you can hardly understand the person on the other end of the line? Isn’t it frustrating to have to wait for your favourite song or TV show to stream? Doesn’t it get so confusing to hear the constant flow of useless jargon and circular instructions when you call your internet provider? Having an ISP that employs your neighbours makes a difference in all of that. MATE is 100% Australian owned and operated and is driven to provide the best quality product and service for their customers. They live where you live, watch what you watch, and care about the same things you do.

You can enjoy the perks of your new home faster and more efficiently by signing up with MATE as soon as you get the house keys. With no setup fees and unlimited data on NBN plans, everyone will quickly know where to come to have a blast at your housewarming party!

No NBN? No stress! You can get connected on one of MATE’s unlimited ADSL plans to tie you over until your new place is NBN ready. You can even bundle in one of their SIM-only mobile plans for even better value. Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts on any MATE plans. That means no chains tying you down, just good old fashioned customer service at an affordable price!

Then.. Get Ready For The Housewarming!

Now that you’ve finally (kind of..) wrapped your head around making such a big, exciting – albeit nerve-wracking – investment, you’re ready to scale back the spending a bit while still making forward progress on your path to making this house a home. You want to be able to enjoy it right away, without the worries of energy bills and shotty internet connections. Leaning on local, quality, reliable companies is the best way to start. With the right utilities like energy and internet, you’ve taken care of the hard work and eased the strain on your pocketbook as you settle into your new home; whether that means you’re picking out paint, throwing a party, or hanging your team flag in just the right spot, you’ll be ready to relax with their help.

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