Why Install Solar Battery Storage?

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Why Install Battery Storage?

Solar Battery Storage is about storing excess solar power during the day to use in the evening. Unlike the expenses involved in going off-grid, grid-connected solar storage systems are designed to run your home on solar power as much as possible, and then automatically use the grid as a backup when needed.

This means you can maximise the savings you get from your investment in solar power.

Australian households are well suited to battery storage due to our high cost of electricity, low feed-in tariffs for solar power sold back to the grid, a high penetration of solar power systems and a strong environmental movement away from coal and gas.


Primarily, battery storage is about energy independence. It is a move away from a power grid that relies heavily on coal and gas, and it is a hedge against rising power prices. For many households with a digital meter, tariffs between 2 pm and 8 pm are now up over 50 cents a kWh, and average electricity prices have risen more than 100% over the last 10 years.

Most solar battery storage systems also come with powerful (and very smart) software that puts you in control of your energy usage and management – and this is making a huge difference to power bills.

For many people, buying storage is also a powerful vote for renewable energy, and it means they can be largely independent of the coal-fired power network. Whilst still accessing the grid when needed, solar storage users largely bypass the grid in peak times, which dramatically reduces the need for burning coal and gas.

Of course, if you use all your solar power during the day (and therefore don’t export any excess), and you can’t add more solar power, then a solar battery is not for you.

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