Will solar power work for my home?

We hope so! When you call our Solar Experts, they have access to detailed aerial photos on the computer to help accurately measure how many solar panels will fit on your roof. A site visit may also be required to confirm the measurements.

Solar panels typically need to be installed north of either east or west. A north facing roof is best for total output, however, if you have time of use billing where you pay more for your power between 2 pm and 8 pm it makes more sense to install panels on a roof orientated between north and west. Many of our customers choose for a split array with panels installed in two orientations to help stretch the output across the day. This ensures you don’t get a large peak of solar output during the middle of the day.

We can help you clarify your roof’s orientation and any shading issues such as in the photo above. If your roof looks suitable for solar power, we can help you size up a solar array, recommend brands and the type of system best suited to your house (string vs micro inverters), provide a firm price for the installation and book you in for an installation date. This is usually done over the phone to save you the hassle of a site inspection, however, if we need to come and see you we will do so free of charge.

Want Lower Power Bills?

We can have your system installed within two weeks!