It’s a World Record! Solaray Energy Install World’s Largest Enphase Battery Residential Array: 12 Enphase Batteries with an 8kW Solar System

solaray-enphase-solar-storage-installationSolaray Energy, the largest Enphase installer in NSW, has recently installed the world’s largest residential Enphase Storage system with 12 x Enphase AC Batteries together with an 8 kW Solar System powered by the new generation S230 Enphase Micro Inverters.

Director of Solaray Energy, Peter Thorne, was overseeing the installation and commented on the significance of the solar revolution that has kicked off in Australia this year:

“The impact of a large residential solar system coupled with Enphase battery storage is incredible. It allows households with large power bills to essentially run their house almost entirely off solar power, even if no one is home during the day. This system will offset carbon emissions from the coal industry to the tune of tens of thousands of kg every year, installing a solar storage system like this one is the number one thing a household can do to both reduce your power bills and to go green.”

Electricity rates in NSW are continually rising, making solar storage and attractive offer for an increasing number of households looking to power their home off solar power.

12 x Enphase Batteries Installed in Menai, Sydney by Solaray Energy

Each Enphase Battery has a capacity of 1.2 kWh and can be cycled twice a day, allowing this household in Menai, Sydney to capture excess solar power to use in the evening to further reduce their power bills.

Solaray has solar and storage solutions for all households and the small modular nature of the Enphase Battery allow our technicians to accurately size up the right storage capacity for your needs.

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